Diamond Gloss

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NCL Diamond Gloss DIAMOND GLOSS™ is the second step of a synergistic two step polishing and maintenance program for


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NCL Perfection PERFECTION™ is a cutting edge, technologically advanced pure virgin polymer system combined with a proprietary blend of


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NCL Stamina STAMINA™ is a water-based Indoor / Outdoor hard surface sealer that provides superior resistance to moisture, grease,

One Step

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NCL One Step ONE STEP™ has been developed as a simple-to-use restoration system for marble, terrazzo and polished limestone


By |2020-10-08T04:53:36+00:00November 4th, 2019|NCL|

NCL Restore-It RESTORE-IT™ is ready-to-use polishing cream that will re-polish worn marble, travertine, terrazzo, polished limestone. and may also

Rock Hard

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NCL Rock Hard ROCK HARD™ is the first step of a synergistic two-step polishing and maintenance program for all


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NCL Granite Restoration Paste A fortified paste product that restores gloss to worn polished granite. Removes surface scratches in

Granite Star

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NCL Granite Star GRANITE STAR™ Granite Crystallizer Spray N’ Buff is a breakthrough technology formulation that allows you to

Surface Barrier

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NCL Surface Barrier SURFACE BARRIER™ is a “state-of-the-art” water-based fluoropolymer impregnator that penetrates deep into porous surfaces, creating a

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